About Me

My name is Mini You, and I am a qualified and registered Reiki Master, Massage Therapist. I have trained under the guidance of Reiki Master and Teacher, Uli Brell in Auckland,  and studied massage therapy at Massage Schools of Queensland, Australia.

Discovering my life purpose first began when I received my first Reiki healing in 2005 to relieve stress. After my healing session I felt more relaxed, my mind was clear, my energy levels restored and my sleep more restful. I was so amazed by the feeling and sensation of energy travelling through my body, I embarked on my personal journey of learning and healing with Reiki.

For many years I have admired crystals for their beauty and healing properties and over the years I have acquired a wonderful collection of gemstones. In my experience when crystals are incorporated into a healing session the healing energy is amplified and the entire body and aura is attuned to their frequency.
I have also lovingly created a range of 'MiniYou Crystal Elixirs' along with my good friend Ulianna Krakovsky, so everyone can experience the wonderful healing properties of crystals.

I was fortunate enough to be able to study massage therapy while living in the Gold Coast, Australia. I have developed a passion for massage in particular combining reiki and massage treatments to alleviate stress and to promote healing on a deeper level.

I endeavour to develop and share my healing gifts, bringing love and healing to others and our environment. Reiki, massage and crystals have assisted me on my own journey of healing and discovering my passion and life purpose.

I constantly strive to learn more about myself, how I can help others and develop my gift of healing. I wish you all the best in your healing journey and thank you for taking the first step by visiting my website.

Love and healing,
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