MiniYou Crystal Elixirs

Crystal Essences are naturopathic remedies created by effectively transferring  the vibrational energy of crystals into  water. Crystals are particulary good for relieving stress, alleviating pain, strengthening and detoxing our mind, body and emotions.

Our powerful remedies are gentle on the body and each elixir has been created with a unique combination of  to achieve optimum healing and results.


We offer personal consultations which include treatment bottle combining up to three Mini You Elixirs. Cost $50.00   Order

           MiniYou Love: “I open up my heart and celebrate the goodness and joy in my life.”

MiniYou Love opens up the heart chakra so you can appreciate the beauty and love that surrounds you.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle

  MiniYou Strength: “I breathe out and find strength by turning my thoughts toward today.”

MiniYou Strength assists in clearing away negativity and anxiety, restoring a more peaceful state of mind.
   $20.00    20ml bottle

MiniYou Passion: “I reclaim my power and my sexual energy is revitalised.”

MiniYou Passion helps to uncover suppressed emotions so you can rediscover your passion within.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle

  MiniYou Release:"I let go and learn to accept my feelings so I can live in the now.”

MiniYou Release helps us to acknowledge and accept our feelings so we can release what we hold on to from the past in order to move forward.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle

   MiniYou Success:“My mind is clear and focused and I am committed to realising my dreams.”

MiniYou Success assists you to open up so you can receive opportunities, abundance and prosperity.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle
MiniYou Feminine:“I embrace my femininity and enable this phase to pass with ease.”

MiniYou Feminine is a must for every woman and works to stabilise and balance hormones and reproductive organs.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle

             MiniYou Sleep:“I calm my busy mind and allow myself to rest and sleep well.”

MiniYou Sleep helps to alleviate sleep problems so you can enjoy a peaceful nights rest. Works well with MiniYou Strength.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle

             MiniYou Support:“I am supported and have the willpower to break free from my cravings."

MiniYou Support assists us in releasing cravings for food, alcohol, stimulants and addictive substances.
Order    $20.00    20ml bottle

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