Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can assist by clearing blockages in your energy centres,  strengthening your body, increasing your energy and calming your emotions.
Crystals and gemstones are exceptionally good at helping us adapt to changes in our energy frequencies which are caused by stressful, life changing situations. The vibrational rates of crystals gently treat areas where imbalances have occurred.

By placing the crystals within the aura (energy field) and chakras, we are able restore our energy frequencies back to a positive state. Crystal healing is calming and relaxing and by restoring your balance of energy you can enhance your quality of life. 

Your experience

After a short consultation, you will lie down (fully clothed) on a massage table. Once relaxed and settled I will scan your body and locate blockages. Selecting a combination of crystals based on colour, feeling and healing properties, these will be placed on the chakra energy centres. Other crystals will be placed on and around the body for focusing energy and for grounding. Colour therapy and energy healing will be used to assist in aligning and energising your chakras.
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